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Tirthan Valley Exploration! - 2 Days

Have you ever reached a point in time when you just want to leave the crazy humdrum of the city life behind and take a retreat in the seclusion and silence of mountains? The very thought of spending the time amidst those snow clad peaks with the winds sending chills deep down your spine makes us go back to mountains time and again.

With one such dream and zeroing in on one such destination, Nomadic Feet, your well known travel community has yet again brought together some crazy travel enthusiasts who are going to explore the unexplored parts of Jibhi, Banjar Valley.

Jibhi is a picturesque, unpretentious, beautiful and old Himalayan village that resides on the bank of Tirthan river which flows as a tributory to the Beas River. Many beautiful houses here are made of stones and wood and boast of lush green trees in the backyard containing Apples and Galgal fruits loaded during the season.

Peace dawns on you as you enter this beautiful valley as the Tirthan River adds to the music in the air and chirping birds which acts as a background music while you treat your eyes with lush green forests containing pines, cedars and mighty mountains clad with virgin snow.

Day 1
Day 0

A private vehicle booked exclusively for our group will start from Delhi. There are multiple pick-up locations which will be disclosed near the day of departure. With amazing ice breaking activities and fun games we will depart for Jibhi, Tirthan Valley at around 6:30 PM.

Day 2
Day 1

We expect to reach Jibhi, Tirthan Valley at around 8 AM and we will be welcomed by our amazing hosts at Jibhi. We will immerse ourselves in the beauty of the place and let our body and mind synchronize with each other while we fully arrive at this beautiful place in Jibhi. There are a few surprises planned for our travel group which will unfold as and when we experience the day.

We leave from this place to experience one of the most beautiful sight at Jalori Pass which is situated at around 15 Kms from Jibhi in our personal vehicle and is currently snow-clad.

Jalori Pass, situated at 3120M ( 10,800 Ft ), can be classified as easy to moderate level of trek experience. Presently, it is completely under the virgin sheath of snow which makes it even more beautiful. We will trek towards Sirolsar Lake passing through the scenic beauty of the pass and the best instances of the nature's beauty offered by this place.

We will get back to our beautiful host place by evening and spend time near Tirthan River listening to the music offered by it, and repose in the warmth of people and bonefire around. We will end this day with the mild music while we pitch our own tents and learn to do so with warm sleeping bags to cover ourselves and witness the beauty of night sky in Jibhi.

Day 3
Day 2

The sunrise in the early morning is not to be missed. We will reach a beautiful spot well known to allow us to witness picturesque view of sun rising and we will start our day with it.

This day will consist of many new things including the exploration of village like a local and learning about the village, visiting the Jibhi Waterfall and witness its beauty . We will immerse ourselves totally in the experience leaving our comfort zones back in our tents and rooms.

There are a couple of deities which are believed to be the god heads of this place and people associate them with very interesting stories and tales. We will be visiting Chehni Fort situated in Chehni village situated around 8 - 10 KMs from Jibhi and a temple dedicated to Shringa Rishi, one of the deities people revere in this area.

We will be exploring another temple dedicated to another deity called "Sheshnaag" which is situated in the Jibhi itself and will listen to the interesting tales and stories associated with it from the locals themselves.

The roads leading to these places are best known for their valley views and amazing curves to experience the beauty to the fullest.

After our complete exploration of these villages and temples, we will leave for Delhi.

Day 4
Day 3

We will be travelling back overnight and will be reaching Delhi early morning around 7:30 AM.

Price From INR₹7,000 INR₹6,000/person
Total6,000 INR

Trip Facts

  • Private Traveller
  • 3120M
  • Easy-Moderate
  • 14 Jun - 17 Jun 2019