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The Great of Rann Kutch - 3 Days

If you wish to gift yourself something during this winters, let it be this amazing road trip to the great Rann of Kutch. This could be the ultimate break from the mundane life and could turn out to be the best in this season. The desert area spreading across India and Pakistan with the white sand under your feet and endless sky meeting at the horizon could easily make you feel that you are on some other planet and not earth!

And we warn you to not underestimate the power of a beautiful moonlit night in the deserts of Kutch which could reveal answers to many of your philosophical questions, if any. The geography of Kutch is blessed with all the flavors, be it coastal region (the gulf of Kutch), the desert (the great rann of kutch) and the mountains (Kalo Dungar).

This part of the great Rann of Kutch which turns into a white salt marsh was formerly a part of Arabian Sea and still there is a time in the year when this marsh is partially submerged in water. Several hudred square kilometers with just white sand under your feet, could easily take you to the dimension you must have never been into!

Kutch is super rich in the cultural heritage and is famous for the wonderful cuisine it offers. The summers here could be really excruciating but winters is the best time to be here and hence this roadtrip!

Day 1
Day 1

We expect to reach Bhuj early in the morning by 7:00 AM and we will be welcomed into the beautiful resort by our hosts. The resort is amazingly spacious and is rich is culture of the place. To enhance the experience of our travelers and to make them experience the local culture of Kutch, we arranged for the Bungas (mudhouses) that maintain comfortable temperature.

We will have our breakfast and will head to the hilly region of the Kutch famously known as Kalo Dungar. We will get the chance to experience the magic of Magnetic Hill there which defies the gravitational force.

Thereafter, we will head towards the great Rann of Kutch and witness the mesmerizing white sand under our feet and appreciate the vast expanse of whiteness merging with the blueness of the sky. We will witness the best possible sunset from the white desert that is going to leave you awestruck!

We will be returning to our resort for dinner and we'll have a cultural exploration during the night where we will understand the local dance forms and cuisine along with the bone fire, music, storytelling sessions and meaningful conversations.

Day 2
Day 2

We'll get up early in the morning and explore the resort area and watch beautiful sunrise. After breakfast, we will leave for the witnessing the beauty of the Gulf of Kutch from Mandavi that shows the scenic views of Arabian Sea.

We will explore Mandavi and will take leisure time while exploring the beach and appreciate the beauty of Arabian Sea.

The sunset on the beach is one of those moments that could leave the impression for lifetime on your mind and heart. Hence, we will devote good amount of time to gather ourselves to witness the beauty from this beach.

Post sunset, we plan to leave for Bhuj for our dinner and cozy accommodation for the night.

Day 3
Day 3

This day would be dedicated to the local Bhuj exploration that will give us a lot of insights on History of Bhuj and Kutch. We will be exploring many historical monuments like Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal and regional temple like Satyanarayan Temple situated in the heart of Bhuj which is famous for intricate artwork on the walls and the ceilings.

Also, this day would prove to be boon for the food lovers since we are going to explore the local Kutch cuisine like Jalebi Phaphda, Dabeli and Bajre no Rotla. The place is famous for the cuisine and all amazing gujarati food items that you must have heard of, you will get the chance to explore and try all of it.

We will have circles sharing the experiences of us all with each other and will reach our base camp for the day.

We will pack our bags and get ready board the bus in the night.

Day 4
Day 4

We will travelling overnight from Bhuj to reach Ahemdabad early in the morning. The travelers will be free to board their respective mode of transport in the morning.


  • 8 Meals
  • Traveling to-fro Ahemdabad


  • Anything not mentioned in inclusions
Price From INR₹9,000/person
Total9,000 INR

Trip Facts

  • Private Vehicle
  • 8500