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Travel. Explore. Evolve.


why choose us

Good things take time. But planning a good expedition should not.
We make sure we take care of every requirement even before you feel the need leaving only the joy of exploration for you to experience.

reason 1 - Experience


Nomadic Feet goes extra miles not just to make your travel experience memorable but to make it wholesome by crafting spaces to learn, interact and get inspired from fellow travellers and local culture immersion.

reason 2 - Guiding With Passion


Along with the an enthusiastic group of travellers, Nomadic Feet has experts escorting them which ensures the safety and rich experience of the destination you are planning to visit. Moreover, we have complete support by local executioners that enhances the experience manifolds.

reason 3 - Safety


The foremost concern at Nomadic Feet is the safety of the travelers in any case. We have robust security equipments and protocols in place wherever needed and our experts are well equipped to handle any emergency situation that might call for an urgent action.

reason 4 - Expertise


Nomadic Feet is the result of immense effort that has gone in by passionate team that breathes adventure in and out all the time. When we do it, it has to be the best and exceptional in all aspect, be it preparation or the real adventure experience.

The new age of



There is not a single problem in life that travel cannot solve provided it is done the right way.
From seemingly trivial escape to enlightenment, travelling the right way holds its key.

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The real experience of travelling doesn’t mean seeking as many landscapes but to have new eyes to actually see them as they are. We become those eyes for you.

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Exploration is innate human expression of Freedom. We make sure we you’re able to express it in the finest possible way.

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Nomadic Feet knows precise links between the explorative journeys and evolution as a better person. Come experience.