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How strongly have you desired to live a fairy tale straight in front of your eyes?

Imagine entering a closet of world wearing a blanket of white snow all around and you walking right in the setting of Narnia. Sangla is one the most beautiful settlement in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The geographical setting of this place is perfectly conducive to the conservation of the real and authentic Kinnauri culture which is flourishing here. Winters are breathtakingly beautiful here especially when you witness the thick white sheath of snow covering the entire valley.

The Kinnauri culture holds many unique aspects you can witness in this region. Kinnaur is one such villages in India that has the history of following the polyandry (a female having multiple husbands) which can be seen even now in some parts of the villages. The society has many reasons to follow polyandry which some locals are happy to share with the inquisitive travellers.

Holi celebration has a special place in the society in this region which is celebrated one day before rest of India. Everyone indulges in the celebration leaving behind the differences and share the common feast along with the religious and social rituals of celebrating Holi with natural dry colours with love and joy in everyone’s heart! This experience is looked forward to by many travellers.


Day 00


We will depart from Delhi in the evening, travel overnight to reach Sangla later in the morning [around 14 hours], check in and head towards the last village of India at the Indo-Tibetan borders, Chitkul via Kamru Fort and return to our accommodation for the day in Sangla.

The ever stunning Kamru Fort stands at an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level and is only 2 km from the beautiful Sangla Valley. The fort is set at a picturesque location and offers tourists beautiful views of the Sangla valley, streams, apple gardens and many more.

Chitkul is the last village on the Hidustan-Tibet trade route and the last village of India that can be visited without the need of any permit. It rests peacefully at the bank of river Baspa at an altitude of 3450m with the agricultural produce being renowned for the quality especially the potatoes.

Owing to the extreme conditions in winters peak, many locals move to the lower regions of Himachal for obvious reasons. However, the warmth of the people stays intact throughout the year. Villagers here are welcoming to the travellers curious to their culture and the witness the beauty of the village and mountains.

DAY 01


Sangla village is on a slope with houses rising one above the other with gigantic Kinner Kailash peak [6,050 m] towering over it. Sangla is also famous for Kamru Fort. This fort was the place where rajas of Kinnaur were crowned. Now this fort is dedicated to Kamakshi Temple. The Goddess idol was brought from Guwahati [Assam].

We visit Bering Naag Temple for the Holi ceremony after breakfast. It's a daylong celebration where people visit from one village to another celebrating the Festival, no hard color is used in the festival and huge number of people dance, drink and eat till evening.

The entire atmosphere permeates with love and warmth where everyone shares the feast and local religious and social rituals of celebrating the festival of colours and joy.

The gathering offers the clear insights into the Kinnauri cultural intricacies and the local cuisines along with the local recipes of wines and sweets. If you are open and receptive of the culture, you might even discover what sets Kinnauris apart from the entire Himachal.

DAY 02


Our day starts early in the morning today and we embark on the exciting visit to the village Roghi, Kalpa which is a place where you can witness and enjoy the ethnicity and traditions of people of Kalpa. A small village located at a distance of 6-7 km. from Kalpa famous for its simple lifestyle and customs of Himachal.

Kalpa is an high altitude village in Kinnaur which sits in the lap of Kinner Kailash ranges. Its known for stunning views of Kinner Kailash Ranges having many beautiful spots where you can witness the mighty Kinner Kailash, the highest peak visible along with the spots with majestic views of the valley like Suicide Point.

Today, after the complete exploration of Kalpa, we head back to Delhi in the evening, travel overnight and reach Delhi the next morning.

The dates for Colours of Sangla will soon be available.

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Aryan Kukreja

Aryan Kukreja

Sonipat, Haryana

" Perfect size of the group, engaging trek leader and how he manages to make the whole group feel as a family is amazing. Totally recommended! "

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Aatika Singh

Aatika Singh

Kolkata, West Bengal

" A free spirited guy who can make you feel at home whether it be snow clad mountains or mesmerizing lakes runs this beautiful organization. The USP lies in combining healing and travelling, the very first of its kind in India..."

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Akansha Dixit

Akansha Dixit

New Delhi

" We did Tirthan Valley with these guys and have to say that there hospitality is pretty awesome..special mention for the location of there camp in Jibhi which was amazing. Would definitely like to do more trips with nomadic feet "

Sonalika Goel

New Delhi

" The group pays attention to every minute detail . They real try their level best and goes to an extra mile to make your trip memorable. You just book a trip with them and can then just chill because they will then take care of everything. I have been to places with several other groups also... "