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We know you’ve dreamt of travelling along with your pet but a lot of reasons stop you from taking that dream experience. Leave it to Rydo, our experience lead on board this experience who is lovingly known as the Chief Nomad, at Nomadic Feet experiences. He loves to interact with new travellers, cuddle with them and accompany them on hikes and repeatedly snuggle with travellers for random belly rubs and treats. We bring you a beautifully carved experience to let you have the cuddles, walks and cute grunts and share your journey with our Chief Nomad, Rydo.

One of the most beautiful and a well settled district of Himachal Pradesh, Kangra has a number of yet unexplored and offbeat destinations which hasn’t yet caught the eyes of the tourists and travellers all over the world. One such beautiful village is Palampur. Located at the altitude of 1472 m above the sea level, it homes one of the finest qualities of Tea produced and a wholesome experience of Buddhist culture including the monasteries and temples.

Tea plantation of Palampur initiated back in mid 19th century and since then the plantation has flourished and evolved into the Tea estates of Palampur and are well known worldwide. Palampur has amazing experiences to offer to the travellers of almost all the tastes and requirements as the world famous paragliding capital of India, Bir is just few kilometers from Palampur. Being the world famous destination for paragliding, Bir and Billing are popular for hosting the world Paragliding Championship every year.

Being a junction of Hindu and Buddhist culture, Kangra has well renowned temples and monasteries. One such temple is Baijnath temple, which is one of the most important mythological sites tucked in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh and a masterpiece of architecture and art, Masroor temple, which is a rock cut temple carved out of the entire mountain. The holy temples hold immense religions and mythological significance and are a treat for an experiential traveller to witness the amalgamation of different cultures. Kangra also has a lot of historical value owing to Kangra Fort. It is one the gracious and ancient example of grandeur of this Kangra Valley. There was a time when Kangra Fort was one of the reasons many rulers of India engaged in war.

The take-off site, Billing rests at an altitude of around 2400 feet and the landing site, Bir at 1500 feet. Bir is also an important centre of spiritual studies and meditation. This town is the hub of adventure-sports activities and paragliding spots are in abundance.

Bir is also home to a Tibetan refugee settlement with several Buddhist monasteries and a large stupa. Roaming around here in Bir is certain to give you in depth cultural exposure to Tibatan culture and some really good adventure sports.


Day 00

Delhi - Palampur

We depart from North Delhi in a privately booked coach. You’ll meet Rydo, our chief nomad, a german shepherd dog and the experience manager right at the starting of the experience and they’ll board the coach with you. With amazing icebreaking activities amongst us and fun games with Rydo, we will depart for Palampur in the evening.

Handsome Experience Lead, Rydo [A German Shepherd Dog]: Rydo, our chief nomad, has got his priorities straight and is keen to interact with new travellers, cuddle with them and accompany them on hikes and repeatedly snuggle with travellers for random belly rubs and treats. He loves to travel as much as he loves travellers. He loves to share all his travel stories and his adventurous ventures in his own language in exchange of some nice treats, of course. He loves photo-bombing the pictures of his friends and never cares or understands what you mean when you say you want a picture alone. Currently a city dweller, he has been to multiple treks, hikes and mountain villages and loves cultural exchanges he has had with dogs of Himalayas. He is friends with many Himalayan Dogs, by the way, and might introduce you to all of them!

Day 01

Reach Palampur – Relax

After a sumptuous breakfast on the way, we will reach our accommodation for the day and take an introductory walk around the property to acquaint ourselves with the beauty around. Riverside experience at the property and beautiful farm/nature walks around the stay.

Cultural/Nature Walk : We’ll be staying in a rustic property situated not so far from the stream flowing through Palampur and we’ll take small nature cum culture walk to understand the culture and local life better from our property.

Experiential Stay: The stay for this experiential journey is a handpicked experience that has been added to it with the Dhauladhars at the backdrop of this amazing location. Situated near the lush green farms and the stream passing nearby, it is perfect for experiencing some quiet time, to retreat in the nature and calm your senses and mind.

Return to the accommodation for the day and get ready for the bonfire and amazing story telling and experience sharing sessions. After dinner and have a star gazing session in the night for enthusiasts.

Day 02

Palampur - Bir - Paragliding

We will wake up early in the morning to witness the beautiful sunrise and after breakfast leave for adventurous paragliding experience at Bir.

Bir-billing Paragliding Experience: Bir and Billing are popular for hosting the world Paragliding Championship every year. The take-off site, Billing rests at an altitude of around 2400 feet and the landing site, Bir at 1500 feet. This town is the hub of adventure-sports activities giving you an authentic adventure experience.

Post lunch, we visit the Sherabling Monastery, Baijnath Temple and return to the accommodation and get ready for the bonfire and sumptuous dinner for the night.

Sherbaling Monastery: Designed on the concept of the ancient science of geomancy, this monastery is built of modern materials and finished in traditional Tibetan architectural fashion. The monastery has three shrine halls, six shrine rooms, a monastic college, a school, a library, a museum, an exhibition hall and a dispensary. Further, It has 250 monks’ quarters and it has retreat houses for monks and nuns and individual cabins for lay practitioners. Altogether it feels like a different self-sustained compact world in the middle of serene nature where cheerful kids, youth and old seem to be celebrating life here.

Bajinath Temple: Perched on a grassy knoll and situated just off the otherwise unremarkable main street of the town of Baijnath, it is one of Himachal Pradesh’s significant shrines and pilgrim centres. The Baijnath temple derives its name from ‘Baijnath’ as the Vaidyanath version of Lord Shiva is worshipped here. Vaidyanath is Shiva’s avatar as the 'Lord of Physicians' and devotees with all manner of ailments pray at this temple in search of a cure. The Baijnath temple is built in the Nagara architectural style and is truly a wonder. The shikara [temple tower] rises to 80 feet and is heavily ornamented, using different iconographic details.

Day 03

Palampur Tea Plantation Experience – Kangra Fort

We will head towards the tea-plantation and processing unit in the morning and understand what it takes for the harvest to reach your table.

Experiential Tea Plantation Journey: A lot of the hard work and manpower goes into getting your favorite beverage, Tea or Chai, from the farms to the cups on your table and kitchen. Experience the process thoroughly with this experiential journey through the tea plantation farms and the processing unit in Palampur culminating it with an aromatic experience of brewing and tasting what you saw being processed the in the processing unit if we’re lucky with the season and the harvest as it depends a lot on the season we visit these farms.

Visit Kangra Fort and Masrur Rock Cut temple.

Masroor Rock Cut Temple: This magnificent Indo-Aryan architecture of Masroor Rock cut temple is a marvel and one of its kinds present in the northern part of India. The temple is carved out of a single mountain and has huge mythological importance, dedicated to Rama, Laxmana, and Sita, gods from the time of Mahabharata with their stone images are worshiped by Hindu devotees who come from around the world. The temple complex is built on a water pond and situated on a hill with panoramic views of the terrain beyond, including the snowy peaks of the Dhauladhar Range.

Kangra Fort: Kangra Fort, built by the Katoch Dynasty, the royal family of Kangra, has a huge historical importance in the history of Kangra Valley. What makes it appealing is the dose of history you get along with the high dosage of nature along. Spread over 463 acres and is 8th largest forts in India and largest forts in Himalayas. It has 400 feet wall along with the cliff that was helpful in surviving whopping 52 attacks in the course of history. Just to give an idea of the wealth this Fort had, it had several wells within the forts – not for water but treasures. All the credit for the fort being attacked 52 times goes to nothing but this treasure!

Leave Kangra and start drive back to Delhi. Dinner enroute. Expect to reach Delhi around 6 am. However, you’re suggested to keep buffer time.

The dates for Spirit Of Himalayas will soon be available.

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Aryan Kukreja

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Aatika Singh

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Akansha Dixit

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