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What makes us who we are!

If you’re looking forward to just touching a destination’s most touristy spot and return, you certainly do not need us. Most unusual and immersive travel experiences aren’t simple to plan, hence rare, of course. We keep these gems of experiences on table for you, and that is what defines Nomadic Feet. We not only know our destinations inside out, we love them thoroughly and feel proud to make you experience them our way, the Nomadic Feet way!

We collaborate with best of colleagues, and have experience of wise men working with us who are aged to perfection curating unique experiential journeys which feel like nothing you have ever felt before.

Definitely Not your usual Holiday

Definitely Not your usual Holiday:

Experientially exploring destinations the Nomadic Feet way is more satisfying than you think as we believe the journey in itself is as rewarding as the destination. You share your journey with like-minded travellers or Nomads, as we like to call them, seeking to explore the world in a conscious and experiential way.

Profound Experiences and Not usual trips:

We intend to be different from conventional travel ecosystem in terms of creating alternate experiential travel journeys for you to experience a destination in immersive and wholesome way. When you come on board a Nomadic Feet Experience, we make sure that you’re in for a lifetime experience with thorough exploration of the destination as well as a rewarding journey.

One for All:

For us, age is literally just a number and we are well equipped to treat it like that. Our Experiential Travel Journeys are well suited for travellers of all the ages. Whether you’re planning to travel individually, share your experiences with your spouse, partner, friend, and colleague or with the entire clan, an experience with us will exceed your expectations in many ways.

The Traveller’s Mindset:

If we dive deeper into the lives of Che Guevera, Gautama Buddha or any other personality who made a dent in the world and who also had hidden in them what we call Travellers’ Mindset and you will know how this philosophy accelerates you to learn and grow. Stint to know what is not known, the capacity to first sustain and then thrive out of the comfort zone, to steer any circumstance so it ends up giving you that joy, enthusiasm and wisdom you expect are a few skills that the travelers’ mindset helps you build. Our experiences seamlessly make you an expert on how you can integrate the supercharged mindset of a traveler into your everyday life

Turn you into a Storyteller

Imagine an instance when you had one of the best experiences of your life and the feeling after experiencing it. After all the instantaneous manipulation of happy hormones and final accommodation of this overwhelming experiences by your system, what you feel like is to tell someone about it in the exact way you felt it and while doing so you realize that it is hardly possible. We bet to provide the experience where words are left behind and that is when we bring out the real storyteller in you.

We love life, and life is made of time.

If you really love your life, time would be the most valuable element. We understand it and carve our experiences to provide you best services you would otherwise spend days and months curating and yet miss out on a lot. We love what we do more than anything else in the world.


Our love for nature and the world around naturally makes us more aware and responsible towards the leaving the nature in a better state than we found it. Hence, our programs and experiences are a way for us to fulfil the responsibility towards Mother Nature. We work in ecologically and environmentally conscious ways to make a positive impact on the culture and society.

We got your back

Our experience managers don’t just engage with you during the time of experience but become a point of contact for you to know about the best of experiences you might want later and hand hold you until you get on board with us too.

Our Values

Weekend Experiences

Along with the long experiences that might require you to take out more time, we offer you weekend experiences that will be equally insightful and exciting.

Environmentally Conscious

All the experiences at Nomadic Feet and everyone working with us follow one common philosophy of leaving Mother Nature in a better position than we found it.

Eco Stays/Campsites/Experiences

All the staff at the campsites/stays/properties we own or associate with are perfectly trained to treat the plastic waste in the best way possible and make sure the ecology is not negatively impacted.

Authentic Experiential Travel

We love diverse cultures, bone chilling adventures and getting lost in the beauty of Mother Nature and so does our clients. Hence, we make sure that every expectation is fulfilled during our experiences.

Safe Adventures

Safety is the foremost concern at all our experiences. All the experience managers and people working at the backend make sure that every traveller is safe and healthy enough to experience it to the fullest.

Go Local

We’re too much in love with world to let the boundaries, cultures, languages, geography, history and traditions of the people mean anything but the sheer joy of traveling and celebrating the diversity. Hence, we make sure that you travel like a local at the destination. Finding out the best local experiences and putting it out there for you to experience is what we feel most happy about.

Meet your tribe

The experiences are well crafted to suit your needs, not just materialistic, but spiritual and mental too providing you enough mental space to express and Consequentially, meeting people who resonate with your vibes and making friend for life is something usual and commonly experienced in all our experiences.

Travel with Experts

Nomadic Feet is the result of immense effort that has gone in by passionate team that breathes adventure in and out all the time. When we do it, it has to be the best and exceptional in all aspect, be it preparation or the real adventure experience.

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